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La Caravana's Story 

"Hello, I'm Javi, the Owner and Operator of La Caravana Cafe and Catering, nestled in the heart of Agnes Water, Queensland.

The story behind La Caravana is one of passion, community, and restoration. It all began with a fortunate encounter with a 1975 caravan, rusting away on a friend's bush block, with an offer that seemed too good to be true. 'You can have it,' they said, 'if you can find a way to haul it away.' And trust me, when you see the photo below, you'll understand why it was a project begging for a fresh start.". With a shared love for coffee, food, and the spirit of togetherness, my partner Oscar and I saw an opportunity to breathe new life into this old caravan, transforming it into the vibrant hub of La Caravana Cafe.

After navigating through a few challenges and triumphs, we completed the renovations in 2022, eagerly opening our doors to the public in 2023. Building upon our success with 'Secret Dinner,' our established catering venture, we expanded our offerings to include Event Catering Services seamlessly integrated into the La Caravana brand. Today, we take immense pride in serving Agnes Water and beyond with our unwavering commitment to exceptional hospitality and divine dining experiences.

At La Caravana, we're not just about serving great food; we're about fostering connections, creating memories, and celebrating the joy of community. We invite you to join us on this journey of flavour, fun, and fulfilment. Welcome to La Caravana - where every visit is a taste of adventure and a toast to togetherness."

I'll see you at La Caravana soon! 


P.S. Take a look at our Instagram below to see pictures of the La Caravana build and its current state!

Oscar & Javi owners of La Caravana

Javi & Partner Oscar

At the start of our culinary journey 

La Caravana prior to reno

La Caravana

With new wheels & old paint/rust removed 

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